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Natural stone is synonymous with design! Just browse through any architecture & interior design magazine and you’ll realize it. A material that combines elegance and functionality to make every environment in which it is placed unique.

Are you thinking about furnishing your home? Are you looking for original design solutions to add a touch of class to your indoor and outdoor spaces?

You are on the right page. Read below (3 minutes of reading) to find out why you should introduce natural stone into your home.

Stone house designs

Natural stone is probably the oldest building material in the world. Over the centuries and until the beginning of the 1900s, it was decidedly preferred in every nation to other building materials, apart from those places where finding stone material was impossible or too expensive.

top slateIn fact, there are several cities built almost entirely in stone, for example Noto, where the buildings in white limestone, a local stone, which when illuminated by the sun takes on a golden yellow colour reminiscent of the colour of honey, prevail. Its appearance has remained unchanged over the centuries, and it is still possible to admire it in all its beauty and grace.

Another example is the Ligurian territory where a wide diffusion of slate stone roofs can be noticed. The use of the same slate stone is also encountered in France, Northern Europe, and America.

But what is it that makes natural stone such a suitable material for construction?

Stone, in addition to being completely natural, is pleasing to the eye, and has intrinsic qualities that make it exceptional from a constructive point of view, both in terms of statics and durability. Stone is a hard heavy material, highly resistant to fire and atmospheric agents. By hardness is meant the resistance to being engraved, worn or sawn; all important characteristics to consider when deciding to build a stone house.

When you decide to use natural stone to create your projects, it is however very important to follow the local tradition, as each type of stone material has a particular structure and appearance, which are also linked to an appropriate construction style. In our new collection you’ll find plenty of solutions aiming to adapt to each single house style.

Since it is a natural material, stone also harmonizes well with green spaces. This particularity makes it very suitable to use for paving avenues and paths, building enclosure walls, creating borders for flower beds or decorative elements for the garden, such as wells, planters, or fountains.

It can also be used for the construction of the pool edges, adding a touch of refinement to your relaxation area.

Artesia's craftsmen and designers have created a vast collection of different types of natural stone to meet all the design requests for modern stone houses. Take a look here and continue reading below to discover all the ways you can introduce natural stone into your interior spaces.

Stone as an element of interior

One of the first materials used by humans to build their homes was stone. Even today this solution proves to be one of the most popular, especially by those who want to give a traditional and ecological style to their home. There is nothing complicated to explain about this material: stone that is normally created and found in nature (such as limestone, slate, and quartzite), gets processed by the craftsmen in order to be used as part of the interior design of each living area. By constitution it is a very resistant material and for this reason it is not affected by humidity, just as there is no risk of problems caused by mould and insects. These two characteristics make it particularly suitable for spaces such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Interior stone is a material that does not deform and there is no risk of cracking. Furthermore, if used as flooring it can also bear very heavy loads.

This kind of resistance makes natural stone cladding the right choice for outdoors as well, as it is not affected by bad weather: outdoor stones can offer a safe solution for your garden or terrace, but we will talk about this in the next section.

Natural stone interiors offer a touch of style to your living area. On an aesthetic level, the impact is incredible. A natural stone wall creates a unique atmosphere in every part of the house. Furthermore, when used for internal wall cladding, stone helps to create a good climate in the house because it’s an excellent insulator, retaining heat in winter and keeping the rooms cool in summer, allowing you to save on energy consumption.

If you are thinking about natural stone interiors for your home, we suggest you take a look at our Collection and book a Video Appointment with one of our experts to guide you in your choice.

Stone for exterior design

Are you looking for a material to add class and elegance to your outdoor spaces? Are you aiming to combine class and functionality in a single design element?

You have landed on the right page!

Natural stone has some physical characteristics that make it a winning alternative to any other material used for exterior design.

It is a highly waterproof and antifreeze material, therefore, particularly suitable for roofing, as demonstrated by the widespread use of slate roofs in Liguria, France and throughout northern Europe and America. Natural stone roofs are distinguished for their high insulation capacity and maximum durability, which are confirmed as the primary properties of the material, but at the same time carry out an impressive aesthetic function as they can be designed in different colours due to the intrinsic characteristics of the various types of stone.

Natural stone is also very suitable for outdoor flooring. High durability over time, Excellent thermal insulation, Great resistance to rain, 100% natural and eco-sustainable material and the ability to create geometries and compositions of different shapes and colours are just some of the advantages of natural stone flooring. If you are looking for a material that lasts over time, a material that is elegant and adaptable to both classic and modern styles, we recommend that you take a look at our natural stone proposals for outdoors.

Perfect to use, thanks to the properties listed above, for cladding the facade of your house too; functionality and high ecological sustainability come together in this natural material to bring timeless elegance to your home.

But the external uses of natural stone do not end here. Natural stone, thanks to a non-slip effect, is also perfect for pool edges. In terms of aesthetics and design, a natural stone swimming pool can offer to the surrounding garden and the whole house a truly refined and elegant setting.

Natural stone pools are in fact the best choice for carving out a truly enchanting relaxation area.

Browse the new Artesia Collection to discover the solutions we have created for every corner of your home. Natural stone materials available for garden and external stairs as well.

The best designer stones

quartzite swimming pool

Natural building stones are divided into two large groups: limestone and sandstone. In the limestone group we find stones such as marble, travertine, and alabaster. In the sandstone group, the most important ones are slate stone and quartzite stone. Granite, syenite, porphyry, lava and tuff are also part of it.

Artesia's artisans work with three main types of natural stone, excavated from the most exclusive quarries in the world and crafted in Italy with traditional methods: limestone, slate stone, and quartzite stone.

We have dedicated a privileged space to all three of them in our New Collection, creating unique design solutions to satisfy all your requests. We create projects for indoor and outdoor spaces, private houses but also bars, hotels, and wellness centres. Find out more by browsing our collection.

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