100% natural stone
23 collections
Made in Italy
since 1978


Artesia® Countertops are natural cleft stone slabs.
After being split from the main block, the slab is worked until the desired shape is obtained.
It can be produced with three different stones: Graphite, Cenere and Bianco Ducale.
The type of production is completely artisanal, in fact all the pieces are created, one by one, in our laboratory in Italy.
Each piece is unique precisely because the natural stone, appropriately worked, has always different veins and shades that make each element special like a work of art.
They can be tailor-made according to the needs of our customers.

Countertop Bianco ducale - view 01
Countertop Bianco ducale - view 02
Countertop Bianco ducale - view 03
Piano cucina - Cenere - view 01
Piano cucina - Cenere - view 02
Piano cucina - Cenere - view 03
Countertop - Graffite - view 01 (2)
Countertop - Graffite - view 02
Countertop - Graffite - view 03.jpg

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